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HD Electric The FT-1 Fuse Tool

HD Electric The FT-1 Fuse Tool


The FT-1 Fuse Tool is designed to assist in the installation and removal of most cutout type overhead fuse links. The Fuse Tool provides greater control of the fuse link during installation and removal. The reciever on the Fuse Tool is slotted down one side to allow for clearance of the fuse link ring.

When installing a fuse link, the slotted receiver on the Fuse Tool improves installation onto the cutout trunnion by maintaining the orientation of the fuse link, making it much quicker to install. Because of the open cylinder the user is able to line up the Fuse Tool with the fuse link for easy installation and removal.

When removing a fuse link, the Fuse Tool minimizes the risk of dropping the fuse link by capturing the link in the receiver. The Fuse Tool receiver holds the fuse link in place while it is dislodged and removed from the cutout trunnion. The switch hook on the Fuse Tool can be used to close in the fuse link.

By using the Fuse Tool, line crews are able to quickly and safely remove and install most cutout type overhead fuse links found in overhead distribution systems.


  • Heavy duty fuse receiver
  • Corrosion resistant switch hook
  • Universal spline for standard hotstick attachment
  • Quickly and easily remove and install fuse links
  • Increased safety during fuse link replacement
  • Eliminate the danger of falling fuses

This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 21 June, 2018.
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This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 21 June, 2018.
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