Coffing® 3-Ton Hoist with Ratchet Lever (RA-30-2)

Coffing® 3-Ton Hoist with Ratchet Lever (RA-30-2)


Free chaining mechanism allows quick and easy one-handed take-up and positioning of slack chain, will not accidentally free chain when under load
Ratchet and pawl design provides easy operation and freedom from maintenance
One pawl is always engaged with the ratchet during lifting and lowering operations, so handle will not ratchet when lowering a load if handle is unintentionally released
Open body construction permits easy inspection of suspension hook assembly
Handle stops prevent handle from spinning if it is accidently released by the operator
Can be operated from either side and will work in any position with equal efficiency

  • Wt. Cap. : 3 tons

  • Lifting Height/Take-Up : 5.00 ft

  • No. of Falls : 2

  • Pull Force : 93 lbf [Max]

  • Head Room : 17 1/4 in [Min]

  • Mounting : Hook

  • Material : Aluminum Alloy

  • Operating Type : Ratchet

  • Type : Hoist

  • Wt. : 35 lb

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