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Lineman Storage Bags, Buckets and Tool Aprons

Linemen work with a variety of tools and equipment in order to successfully perform their jobs. Keeping these items organized and stored helps not only protects the equipment, but also the individuals and teams using it. As a full service provider of lineman tools and equipment, American Safety Utility Corporation carries a comprehensive inventory of lineman storage bags, buckets, tool aprons and more to help make your job easier and safer. 

Whether you’re looking for glove and sleeve bags, nut and bolt bags, shipping containers, tool aprons and boards, tool bags, tool buckets, tool holders or trays, you’ll find it at American Safety. Not only that, but all of our storage products are designed and manufactured with the same care and consideration that goes into every single tool and piece of equipment we carry. This means you can buy with the confidence of knowing that all of our lineman storage bags, buckets and tool aprons will hold up to the extreme demands and rigors of lineman work. 

While lineman work is challenging, it’s essential to keeping the lights on -- literally -- for our society. At American Safety, we’re committed to doing our part to making life easier and better for the world’s hard-working lineman in whatever ways we can. Our lineman storage products do exactly that. Additionally, we also carry a huge assortment of other lineman equipment, including rigging, hot line tools, climbing gear and more.