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Reel Lifting Sling


Quick Overview

For lifting wooden reels when in the rolling position only.
Important: Do not use for lifting reels in the flat position.

  • Rated at 6,000 lb. working load

  • Standard legs are 6' (any length available upon request).

  • Tagged with working load and serial number.

Instructions for use: When wooden reel is in the rolling position, block reel to keep from rolling, position the master link( top) onto your picking device (boom hook, hoist, etc.); insert a hook(on each side of the wooden reel) into either the large center holes or the smaller offset holes (do not mix small hole on one side with a large hole on the other or failure could occur resulting in damage to load, injury, or death).

Raising a load:
Raises load gradually so legs are even and check to see if hooks are in place on each side of the reel. Proceed with the lift. Never jerk the load.

Lowering a load:
Lower load gradually until weight is off the load. Block reel to prevent rolling and lower the master link until tension is off the load enough to remove hooks from holes.

If sling becomes wet, hang up to dry and store in a dry area away from UV rays.

Inspect Reel Sling (and all rigging products) before each use. Check rope slings for worn areas, cuts, and broken fibers. Check hooks for damage such as stretching, cracks, bends, and flattened areas from dragging