American Safety has been classified as an essential business. Our facilities will continue to operate as part of our commitment to keep you running.
We are dedicated to providing you the same service you are accustomed to. Our hours will remain as 8AM to 5PM Eastern Standard Time.
You can reach us at 1-800-438-6013 if you have any questions or need help. We wish you all a safe and healthy course during this turbulent time.

American Safety Utility Corporation American Safety Utility Corporation

Superior Safety Equipment & Lineman Tools


Tool Repair


Lineman Tool and Equipment Repair Center

American Safety has an in-house repair facility that also builds jumpers and grounds and tests and certifies hoists, grounds, jumpers, hot sticks and shotgun sticks. Our certified repair specialists are able to repair Streamlight rechargeable lights, Burndy products, Greenlee/Fairmont products, hoists, hydraulic tools, fiberglass sticks and poles, collapsible reels and much more. We also  have a wide variety of heads and cables to choose from. Next day and two day services are available for all lineman tool and equipment repairs. 


 Providing the best in specialized lineman equipment and tools:


·         Hydraulic impact wrenches

·         Hydraulic compression tools

·         Hydraulic chain saws

·         Hydraulic tampers

·         Hydraulic pavement breakers

·         Hydraulic water and trash pumps

·         Manual hydraulic cutting tools

·         Manual hydraulic compression tools

·         Battery operated compression tools

·         Battery operated cutting tools

·         Strap hoists


Our service technicians have been factory trained and certified on a variety of brands including:


·         Stanley

·         Huskie

·         Cembre

·         Greenlee

·         Fairmont

·         Burndy

·         Anderson

·         Lincoln

·         Little Mule

·         Lug-All

·         Hook

·         A.B. Chance

·         H.K. Porter

Contact us for more information on our lineman tool and equipment repair services. 


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