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Salisbury 12 cal/cm² Full Frame Assembly for Full Brim Hard Hats

Salisbury 12 cal/cm² Full Frame Assembly for Full Brim Hard Hats


12 cal/cm² Weight Balancing Arc Flash Protection Faceshield Unit

Salisbury introduces the Weight Balancing Arc Flash Protection Face Shield. This faceshield unit stows in a balanced, compact position, centered over the top of the hard hat when not needed.

ATPV rating of 12 cal/cm² and utilizes nanotechnology to provide a clearer, more transparent window for improved visibility.

The shield/window is designed to be easily replaced without tools.

The faceshield unit includes ventilation ribs that allow a natural convection air flow through the top of the face shield. This reduces fogging of the visor, lowers CO2 levels and improves comfort for the user.

Features of the Weight Balancing Shield
The weight balancing shield “WBS” allows the face shield to glide back to a stowed position directly over the top of the helmet and this keeps the helmet balanced on the head. This stowed position also provides a compact profile when worn or in storage.

Nanotechnology Window
The WBS design incorporates a Nanotechnology Arc Flash Window. The goal of this unique window is to be as transparent as possible for the user and to block the ARC Flash, protecting the wearer. This new technology works by simultaneously absorbing, reflecting, and by ablation. Millions of Nanoparticles are incorporated into the lens along with the combination of absorbing dyes to achieve a 12 calorie ATPV value.

This Item:
Full Frame Assembly for Full Brim Hard Hats - Hat NOT Included

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