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About Us


Serving the electrical power industry needs in the way of superior safety equipment and tools since 1982.


American Safety Utility Corporation is a truly unique distribution chain partner. Our ability to provide turnkey solutions and all the products needed for the electrical power industry—along with a certified testing lab and tool repair shop—has helped grow our reputation for excellence, as well as our valued customer base.


American Safety also provides a B2B connection for customers, in-house technical experience like no other and a state-of-art ERP (Enterprise Resource
Program) system along with a high-tech EDI (Electronic Document Interface) portal. We aim to cover your needs at all levels. Our team is highly knowledgeable and whether you visit our North Carolina headquarters, rely on a dedicated outside
sales expert (who will visit your operation) or seek advice via phone or Live Chat— American Safety wants to make your experience with us unmatched.

The success we have experienced over the years is based on each and every success story our electrical power industry customers (municipalities, cities, power corporations, contractors and linemen) experience. Our success has allowed us to continuously invest in our operation and improve your overall experience. Our team is eager to earn your trust and show you how we can serve as a more sustainable and reliable distribution chain partner.

American Safety is a single source for all your needs. We have made investments in our facility, processes and people to ensure timely and accurate orders. Our ability to maintain the materials and supplies needed helps build our legacy as one of the nation’s premier distribution chain partners.

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