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Return Policy

Even after you have received an order confirmation or shipment notification from American SafetyAmerican Safety reserves the right to cancel any orders that contain pricing or availability problems, with no additional obligations to you. American Safety has the right to either get in touch with you and ask for instructions or to cancel your transaction and let you know.

The individual return policy shall only apply to returns that comply with the general requirements.

An RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number is necessary for all product returns. By getting in touch with American Safety Customer Service using any of the channels listed on our Custom Service page, you can request an RMA number.

1. Restocking fees can apply to refund returns. When the RMA is received, we will inform you of the restocking price.

2. Regardless of the specific return policy, any items that are brand-new and have not been used can be returned to American Safety within 30 days.

3. Products that are sent to American Safety in any of the following circumstances may be rejected and are not eligible for returns:

4. Anything that wasn't obtained through American Safety.

5. Any item that does not match the criteria listed as the return reason (i.e., a return initiated for a DOA product that powers on and works properly upon inspection).

6. Any product without a serial number label, manufacturer model label, or part number label, or one that is missing, damaged, changed, or otherwise unintelligible and /or warranty label.

7.  Any product returned without its complete original packaging, including the retail box, manuals, cables, and all other materials that were first packaged with it. Refund returns that are received in this state can be subject to a restocking fee or be refused.

8. Any goods with physical damage as a result of abuse. If a package arrives damaged, don't take it!

9.  Any product for which you have submitted a mail-in rebate.


10. Any product which appears tampered, customized, or altered in any way.

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